Demanding a Refund?

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On February 18th, 1987, the States of Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin entered consent judgments against Aamco Transmissions Inc. containing identical substantive terms. Along with ordering Aamco to prevent the fraudulent practices of its franchisees, the judgments address the issue of resolving Aamco’s customer complaints. Pursuant to Aamco’s 2009 Franchise Disclosure Document, those judgments were still in effect at the time this website was created in September, 2009.

Even though fourteen states entered the judgments against Aamco in 1987, during a later action entitled Robert Layton  v.  Aamco Transmissions Inc., (D. Md. 1989), U.S. District Court Judge, J. Frederick Motz, stated in a July 25th, 1989 memorandum that: [w]hen it decided to enter into the consent judgments in February, 1987, Aamco also decided to require all of its franchisees, wherever located, to follow the modified procedure”.

Those consent judgments were found nowhere on the Internet, and uncovered by A.L.I. only after months of in-depth investigation, rummaging through state archives, court records and Attorney General’s offices around the U.S.. The full text of the orders are now available by clicking on The 14 State Consent Judgment pages and sub-pages of this website (Louisiana shown, but all 14 state orders contain identical substantive terms and conditions).

Among the terms of the judgments include provisions for Aamco’s resolution of its customer complaints. Those terms, contained in paragraph 10 of the judgments, read as follows:

ATI [Aamco Transmissions Inc.] and the Attorney General shall implement a program to resolve, by way of mediation and arbitration, qualifying customer complaints in accordance with procedures agreed upon by ATI and the Attorney General.

The Court’s definition of customer complaint, which you can read here, and continued here, is as follows:

“Customer Complaint” shall refer to any telephone or written communication to ATI by any Attorney General’s Office, or by any customer of an ATI Franchisee, which reasonably demonstrates that an ATI Franchisee has committed an act or practice referred to in paragraph 7(e) with respect to services performed after the date of this Judgment. Additionally, “customer complaint” shall include all complaints ATI has identified through conducting a survey or inspection pursuant to the requirements of paragraph 2(c).” (emphasis added)

This is great news for the consumer! The Attorney General’s Office of your participating state has wisely planned and prepared for your phone call. You can find your Attorney General’s phone number, or access their on-line complaint website below, and examples of qualifying complaints can be viewed by clicking on p.11 of the “14 State Consent Judgment” page of this site.

Animated Gif Road Signs left to right

STOP Aamco’s Abuse!!!

As such, if you received service at an Aamco in one of the above states and were dealt with less than fairly, you could consider contacting the Attorney General’s office of such state and demand a refund pursuant to paragraph 10 of the 1987 judgment (for your Atty. Gen. phone number click here, or to file an on-line complaint with your state’s government agency click here). The Attorney General’s office is already aware of the practices Aamco is capable of, and you should find them eager to enforce the terms of the judgment.

While you have your Attorney General’s attention, they should be very interested in knowing if the Aamco center you visited failed to display a large, prominent sign containing the text as mandated on page 9 of the judgment, and printed in not less than 96 point bold type (click here and read paragraph 4 to view sign text). The sign is intended to be one of the judgment’s front-line protection devices to help prevent harm from coming to Aamco’s customers. It was designed by state authorities to provide consumers advanced notification of certain entitlements afforded under the judgment terms, before authorizing repairs. The Attorneys General also had very good reasons for mandating the 96 point bold text. Reporting a shop’s failure to post the sign will help prevent abusive practices. In addition, though the results may not be readily available to the public, you can also request that the Attorney General demand a due diligence report from Aamco pursuant to paragraph 2(g) of the judgment. Such report provides the Attorney General information relevant to Aamco’s compliance with the orders.

In the alternative, regardless of the state your automobile was serviced in, if the repair center fails to acknowledge the entitlements referred to in the respective federal and/or state orders (information on the federal orders found here), you could consider writing a short and simple demand letter to Aamco headquarters, or perhaps just a phone call to Aamco’s home office, explaining you have uncovered the terms of those orders and are demanding refund for whatever qualifying complaint you may have (keep in mind, the 1970 FTC order was found incorporated in a 2006, 15-year term franchise agreement). Aamco may wish to settle differences with you, rather than risk you going to the Attorney General, or to your own attorney, with these highly implicating and long-suppressed documents. However, I would not count on immediate cooperation from Aamco, and the quickest results might be achieved by contacting your Attorney General’s office.

Just as important, the FTC is also a great place to file your complaint. They tout themselves as “the nation’s consumer protection agency”, and their website provides convenient online electronic complaint forms which you can access by clicking here. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking 5 minutes to fill out the FTC complaint form. You’ll be glad you did! In addition, you might want to visit the “Filing A Claim On Aamco’s Bond or Trust Account” page of this website to learn about reimbursement for damages through any state required bonds or trust accounts.

Along with multitudes of allegations of sheer incompetence (see The “Experts” at Aamco page), many complaints reviewed by A.L.I. have included allegations of vehicles being held hostage in lieu of payment for unauthorized services, failing to honor warranties, communicating threats, fraud, bait and switch practices, negligence, extortion, severe emotional distress, and even physical assault. If such is the case with you, regardless of the state you live in, you may wish to consider the advice of a licensed attorney in which to seek redress for all damages. In addition, if you call an attorney to schedule a consultation, it might be a good idea to give the attorney this website address,, so he or she can review the information provided here, before you meet. Our site contains specific supporting fact element information an attorney would likely want to know, that could easily be overlooked by the consumer. In fact, while we cover many topics of public interest, our site largely focuses on the needs of the legal profession, and we strongly recommend you direct your attorney to this website and act only upon his or her advice.

Here’s some closing thoughts. During negotiations and settlement of a dispute, some companies demand that a Confidentiality Agreement be entered. Some may even unlawfully threaten to withhold payment until such agreement is signed, or perhaps until a previously stated truthful comment is rescinded. When such agreement is entered, one is barred from speaking further about the matter in dispute. While this may be a common practice in many settlements, nothing requires the arbitrary forfeiture of such privilege without being fairly compensated. Indeed, remaining silent often provides opportunity for a company to continue the practices that led to the dispute. Just like my house or other property, my freedom to speak has a monetary value, and may not be infringed upon to coerce an unrelated action. While there may be other formulas, some calculate the value of such privilege to be equal to that of the matter in dispute.


In addition to the above named state actions, the States of California, Illinois, New York, Washington and Minnesota have entered separate judgments against Aamco in which govern advertising procedures, Franchise Disclosure requirements, servicing and repair of transmissions, and/or maintaining compliance programs.

Lastly, Aamco Lawsuit Investigation is happy to share with you, free of charge, the results of our two-year investigation. We kindly request you take a few moments and add your comments below.  It can help keep others safe from the harm you may have incurred.

If you demand a refund from your state’s Attorney General’s office, Aamco headquarters, or the franchisee, be sure to visit us again to let others know the outcome.


  Distinguished Visitor List

Aamco Lawsuit Investigation takes this time to acknowledge some of its most distinguished visitors over the years. Special Thanks go out to Mr. Jonathon Fortman and Ms. Kelly Spann of the law offices of Jonathon E. Fortman for their dedicated and devoted efforts on behalf of franchisees of Aamco Transmissions. ALI also thanks those distinguished visitors that have provided assistance on behalf of consumers of Aamco Transmissions.

1.) The Executive Office of the President, Washington D.C.
2.) The United States Senate
3.) The Federal Trade Commission
4.) U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
5.) U.S. Department of Homeland Security
6.) The United States Attorney General’s Office
7.) The Federal Bureau of Investigations
8.)  U.S. Department of Justice
9.) The United States Veterans Administration
10.) The U.S. Small Business Administration
11.) State Attorney General Offices
12.) Private, Highly Acclaimed and Super Lawyers


     ALI Launches Operation POUNCE!

January 22nd, 2014 – In its latest consumer and franchisee advocacy campaign, Aamco Lawsuit Investigation has launched a massive multi-stage initiative to help bring redress to those abused by Aamco Transmissions. ALI has called upon federal and state governments across our nation to investigate the criminal and civil allegations of abuse that consumers and franchisees have maintained for years. In the first stage of this campaign, ALI has addressed letters to more than 45 federal and state governments and government associations demanding immediate action. Below, you can monitor the 6 stage progress “pulse” of Operation POUNCE.

Operation POUNCE!Current Status of Operation POUNCE:

Stage 1.)  Forward demand letters to all respective Federal and State regulatory agencies for investigation and restitution for consumers and franchisees: StatusINITIATED.

Stage 2.) Forward request to the National Association of Attorneys General (Consumer Protection Committee) to revisit the 1987 collaborative efforts that enjoin Aamco’s fraudulent business practices, and to ensure compliance and enforcement of those court orders: Status- INITIATED.

Stage 3.) Follow-up letters addressed to the Governor of each respective State to help ensure State Attorneys General prompt and appropriate action: StatusINITIATED.

Stage 4.) Reasonable pause (normally 4 to 6 months) to allow investigations to be completed: StatusINITIATED.

Stage 5.) Requests under Federal and State freedom of information laws for investigation progress, results and supporting documents: StatusSCHEDULED- August 11th, 2014

Stage 6.) Grade individual government actions and publish findings and results on ALI’s 50 State Attorneys General Report Card page: StatusPublished, click to read.

While ALI continues its monitoring and communications with the vast majority of authorities, we  encourage consumers and franchisees to support ALI’s efforts by writing a short letter of support to the following three email addresses (don’t forget to add a link to ALI):

U.S. Department of Justice, Fraud Section –

The National Association of Attorneys General, Consumer Protection Committee – Attention: Mr. Mark Neil –

Federal Trade

Emailing your letters of support to all three agencies of ALI’s call to action will greatly increase this effort! Thank You for your help.


A.L.I. has been granted an exclusive license to the comments posted on this site. They may not be copied or reproduced without our written permission!

Please read the Disclaimer and Terms page for this site.


77 Responses to “Demanding a Refund?”

  1. Amy and Jerry Says:

    Thankyou VERY much! The shop in Victorville really screwed us over partly due to shoddy workmanship, and partly was due to down right FRAUD, giving me instructions on how to defraud my ins. company and of course put more money in HIS pocket. This site has been a true “Godsend”

    • I read your comment and am happy to see that you have had some sort of resolution to your problem. I was wondering what action you took. The AAMCO I have been dealing with threatened me personally so I am afraid to put any personal information out there. Can you let me know what steps you took?

      Thanks, Maury

      • If they at fault of charging you for fixing your car, and you still have problems. if they dont want to fix the problem, and they’re blowing smoke up your you know what. then you need to report it to your attorny general office of your State. also report it to your state DMV, and take them to Small Claims Court. Regardless how much you spend on trying to get your money back, make sure you have all your Document in hand, proof of Negligence on their behalf. So when you take them to court the judge rules on your behalf. you’ll get all your money back, plus the money you spent to open the case. just remember that this is all a process. I hope all of this is helpful to you. Please let me know how everything went.

        P.S Don’t let them scare you they have nothing to threating you about. If anything you should be threating them.

  2. I had work done at AAMCO Transmission in Zephyr Hills Florida. After traveling a mere 150 miles had a failure. I then went to another AAMCO Dealership, at that Dealership, they told me that all the work that had been performed was done incorrectly. After paying that Independent AAMCO dealer in Gainesville Florida to make the necessary repairs. After leaving Gainesville, I again had another failure after traveling approximately 200 miles. I was stranded on the Interstate where a Roadside Repair was necessary. This work was performed by an independent repair Company in Omega GA. To sum this all up being as brief as possible it became necessary to have my vehicle worked on at least 8 times between and Las Vegas Nevada. When I contacted AAMCO Inc. I was told they would see that this situation would be rectified. To date however, I have contacted them several times to no avail. I have made 9 phone calls in the last 20 days alone. In all I have made contact with them beginning the middle of June shortly after the work had been completed through their Independent Dealer in Gainesville Fla.

    The level of frustation I have experienced is overwhelming and should not be experienced by the average citizen. Imagine how many times AAMCO Franchisees have taken advantage of the traveling public.

    Any one knowing of a Consumer Affairs Atty that would be willing to take this on a Contigency, please contact me through this web site.


    • if you did get attorney I need his name also

    • These crooks are not worthy of a rating because their service and professional is a disgrace. It took them a week to rebuild my transmission. I hardly had any communication from the shop and I had to be the one to call. The owner (edited) is very unprofessional and doesn’t treat his customers with respect. When it was time to pick up my car, I drove it away and smelled something funny. I was near my mechanic so he checked the car for me. He discovered the right hand axle was leaking and the solenoids which AAMCO Pearl River charged me a$1600 for were not changed. I immediately took back my car to the shop and (edited) basically put the blame on his workers. I am trying to get the word out there to NEVER use this company as they are shady and will never put 100% into your car. It is sad that there are such dishonest people in this world. I wish I had done my homework so I am warning future customers to stay away! Go to ALL TRANSMISSIONS in Nanuet instead…honest, hardworking folks who can sleep at night knowing they are doing the right thing and be a good business. DO NOT USE AAMCO in Pearl River..unless u want to be hustled by dishonest people.

    • What an awful experience. You topped mine, but after being fixed at AAMCO, 83 miles outside of Ft. Lauderdale, my newly rebuilt transmission BLEW on Alligator Allegy on Memorial Day Weekend to boot!

      $375 AAA tow and a rental car for the week….my car is supposedly being fixed “again” at the Davie Shop on 441 HWY, just west of Ft. Lauderdale.

      They didn’t do it right the first time, so now let’s see. If you received information on the continency, please share! Between the original cost of the transmission, the tow and the rental, I’m definitely the one that lost….and yet to have a car “fixed”….

  3. Mark
    Did you get a response on an Attorney and if so could you please give me the name.
    thank you

  4. Feb. 09 took my car to Aamco they worked on the transimssion for a MONTH, finally got it back after they tacked on an extra $400 dollars, my total bill was $2,932! after i got it back i took it back another 4 times… i’m the idiot here not them.. because they last time i took it back they slapped the car rental bill on my debit they didn’t pay it just to show me up, that was $360.12. And my car is STILL not running they charged my dad $900 dollars for a part when he asked for the bill there was nothing listed on it for a 900 dollar part.. i am not happy if they couldn’t do the repair, HONESTY would have been nice rather than more money and more money . I couldn’t go back to school this semester with no car and out three thousand dollars! So far i have sent them a registered letter that was returned to me with NO signature, and i contacted DMV we’ll see what happens now, I NEED MY MONEY BACK!

  5. On approximately 9/5/08, I had my 2000 Ford Windstar in to the Olympia, WA Aamco Transmission for a transmission repair. Since that time, I have had not had any car trouble. On 12/14/09, I had All Star Ford in Olympia WA complete a factory recall service on my van and they ran a diagnostic and my fluid levels were checked. No trouble of any kind was indicated for my radiator, transmission, or any other functionality of my van, other than a tie rod issue. On 12/17/09, my transmission went out. Initially, I did not know what the problem was, so the van was towed to Kohout’s automotive in Olympia. Kohout’s checked the transmission fluid, which was clear of water, and said that the transmission had gone out. (Specifically, the transmission imploded, and cracked the transmission case). Based on this information, and having a warranty with Aamco on the transmission that I had worked on on 9/5/08, I made contact with (edited) at Aamco Transmission in Lakewood, WA, who confirmed that my van’s tranmission was still under warranty, and had my van towed to their Martin Way location.

    We made contact with Aamco on Saturday 12/19/09, and they were just beginning the process of evaluation. On Monday, 12/21/09, (edited) from Aamco called and accused my wife, Georgia (edited), of submerging the van in water as he indicated that the tranmission and the engine, etc., were soaking wet (the floorboards, the oil, and everything else are dry). This theory is ridiculous, and this van has never been submerged. I called (edited) on Monday 12/21/09, and asked him for more information after (edited) refused to call me after my wife asked him to. (edited)’s next theory was that someone maliciously poured water down our transmission. It should be noted that this van is driven very little (to and from work in Olympia), is secured during the nighttime and daytime hours and that the hood has to be opened from the inside, and Kohout’s had already tested the transmission fluid and it had no water in it (the mechanic at Kohout’s will verify this in writing). On Monday 12/21/09, I stopped by Aamco and got a sample of the transmission fluid. I will be taking this to the Ford dealer for analysis to see if it has any other fluids in it, as now (edited) claims that the radiator has an issue. (It should be noted that this van has never overheated, either). Talked with (edited) on Tuesday 12/22/09, he now indicates that he will not be bullied into covering this warranty and that we obviously put water in our transmission (although we have nothing to gain by doing this, but (edited) does). I left a message to talk to the owner, (edited), whose number I got from the BBB website. I have yet to talk with him. Currently, my van was towed from the Olympia Aamco station to home to await resolution. Aamco contends now that my transmission is not covered because of the radiator overheating – (also did not happen). Kohout’s has provided us a written diagnostic for this van; indicating that the transmission fluid was clear. Aamco needs to honor our warranty, or pay for our transmission repair for another shop to fix this – the initial cost that we paid in September 2008 to Aamco in Olympia. We will be pursuing legal action on this case if needed. Please contact us. We have tried to resolve this through the local franchise. They are crooks and you should be ashamed of allowing them to use your company name.

  6. I had work done and was lied to about the specific torque converter used in my truck ( told me they put in a certain type, even stated on repair order that specific type and having it replaced again found out it was not even same manafacturer or type.) (Fraud) from a Cottmans that has since went out of buisness.
    My question: is Aamco and Cottman the same?
    Or do they fall under same regulations?
    How do I get in touch with Ex-Cottman franchisee’s?

  7. I had my 2005 Nissan Maxima trasmission worked on in this shop in 2/2009. I was garenteed that i wouldn’t have the same problem that i brought it in for. so i brought my car in for a transmission problem and it came out with another probelm that had nothing to do with the transmission. when i picked up the car the Idle Control Module was damaged, didn’t work properly. so i had to come out of my pocket $112.00 to purchase the part and reprogram the idle control module with the dealer with an additional $93.49 to program my car, mean while he charge me $3823.05 to repair my transmission and not giving me a full overhaul on the problem, his tech assumed that my selonoids and my torque converter was still in good condition, so he never replace them. So now my car is having the same problem. I reported the situation to AAMCO’s Corp., Custom Relations, they had me go to another AAMCO to check on my problem with my car. i made a appointment to get it check, took it to be checked 5/2009 or 6/2009 i didn’t tell them another AAMCO worked on my car to see what they tell me and they told me what could be wrong and one of the them was the torque converter and the other was the front motor mount and my soleniod, so i took care of the motor mount and made another appointment, mean while 7/2009 i had it test driven by a non AAMCO dealer and they told me the selonoids and the torque converter seems to be the problem. they asked me who worked on my car and i told them and they looked at me like i was crazy, and they asked why did i go there. i told them i didn’t know any better. i did my research to late, they also asked me how much did i paid so i told them and they told me they should replaced every thing in the transmission for that price. So i took it in for the second time to the second AAMCO 7/2009 after i did one of the repairs and also told them this time that i had my car worked on thru another AAMCO in East Hartford CT., so they looked at me like i was crazy. they asked me why didn’t i bring it to them, so i told them i didn’t know any better,so they asked me the same question the non AAMCO dealer asked, how much did you pay. I told them and they told me the same thing the other people said. I left my car with them, mean while i called AMMCO Custom Relations to see if they could help me and they never respond to my message and i called them three time and they never called back, so i picked up the car and they said they didn’t find any problem with the car, but the car feels worse after i replaced the motor mount, thats because the new motor mount is stiffer then the broken one i had replaced, so now i feel every thing that the transmission does. i figured that they said they didn’t feel anything cause i told them that my car was worked on by another AMMCO and a bad one too. I called Custom Relations three times while my car was being looked at they never responde back until i called them 7/3/2009 very angry and upset that i need some one to contact me right away i still didn’t get any reply so i called them again 7/5/2009 and they finally replied back .So now I’m waiting to here from AMMCO Custom Relations to see if the second AMMCO could replace the parts that the first AMMCO never replaced. the second AMMCO knows thati was taking for a ride. All i want is my car to be fix the right way at no cost out of my pocket, i paid enough out of my pocket plus frustration with this problem.

  8. I found that the belts that AAMCO put on were too loose and I need to get them fixed…but I don’t want to go back to them after all they have put me through…

  9. I worked for the former owner in lakewood washington…he owned the olympia location then he closed it and led people to lakewood…no way did you have water in the transmission….bbb, attorney general and small claims court…get your money back, if you paid by credit card it is NOT too late to call the credit card company and get a refund, if they tell you it has been too long tell them you still have a warranty they are obligated to maintain your best interest…the troll guy there we know his name does this to all customers!

  10. I had a rebuilt transmission put into my 1997 Nissan Maxima at an AAMCO in Fargo, ND. 3 months later a leak began. The Fargo location had closed so I took it to an AAMCO in Maplewood, MN. They fixed that leak and it began leaking 3 months later. They replaced the drive axle shaft. 13 months after that it began leaking again from the drive axle shaft location. Again they replaced the drive axle, which continued to leak. They tried a couple of seals and nothing worked. Finally they opened the transmission to find that the differential and bearings would need to be replaced for an additional $1900. I did not have they continue the repairs. I feel that the initial rebuild with new bearings were of poor quality. Replacing the drive axle and seals only masked the differential and bearing failure. I have contacted the BBB, Attorney General of MN, and AAMCO corporate with letters and all the documents. AAMCOs reponse was that the 12 month warranty had expired on the original rebuild and that I would have to pay for the additional repairs and they could do nothing else for me. I would like to know how to 1) inform the public of the rebuilt transmission which lasted less than 30,000 miles and 2)would a case in small claims court stand up? I would have to prove that the differential and bearings indeed were leaking and that replacing the drive axle only fixed the problem temporarily. Also do I take the local AAMCO repair shop to court or AAMCO corporate who would represent the closed Fargo AAMCO shop, who installed a poorly rebuilt transmission?

  11. I am now having some trouble with AAMCO. I am not sure yet what I will or can do. Thanks for all the info.

  12. Jan. 17 2011. I left my vehicle at Aamco for repair. Jan. 21st I picked up my truck paid all together $2747.20. On Jan 25th and 27th took back truck because of transmission problems. Was turned away saying they wouldn’t check until 10 days after repair, its normal. Took my truck back again on Jan. 31st for my 10 day check. Truck was drove into the shop back out within 5 mins. The manager handed me the keys and said nothing wrong with the transmission. Feb. 2nd took truck back again the owner told me its normal to come back in 10 days. Feb. 6th Driving 55mph down the rode. My rpms started fluctuating for a couple seconds only about 500 rpms back and forth. Then the truck red lined started to back fire. I heard a huge bang. I quickly let off the gas pulled over. The transmission was smoking, white smoke was pouring out my exhaust, and I looked under my hood my radiator blew. I called aamco they said the would tow it the next day Feb 7th. Feb 8th the owner calls me asking when my exhaust was done I told him Jan. 12th. and asked why. The owner quickly said the phones were ringing and hung up on me. I called back 30mis later. The owner told me he wasn’t fixing my transmission because the casing was cracked on the transmission blaming it on the exhaust work. We went back and forth on the phone for about 10 mins. The owner said finally, ok prove your exhaust was done before you brought it here. If you have the receipt. I said it will be dropped off in the morning. Owner said he would call me when he got receipt. Feb. 9th exhaust receipt dropped off in hand at 8:00am, no call from aamco all day. I called aamco close to 5 asking about receipt and truck. The manager said they got receipt owner will call you first thing in the morning. I asked about my transmission he said there not fixing it and the owner will call me again in the morning. Feb. 10th. 10:00am. No call from aamco I email there corporate office. Feb 10th around 5:30pm I talked to Mike a customer relations expert. (His number is (edited)) Before I could explain what happened he told me to just take it to small claims court. I told him I’m calling him to get my truck fixed and for him to help me with this problem. I explained everything, we talked for 30mins. He said he has never has complaints from this shop, there’s to sides to the story, and get a lawyer. I said I just want my truck fixed. He said that he would contact the owner and then call me back but be prepared to go to court. Feb 11th. Mike from corporate called me back saying the owners not fixing my truck. The owner feels he is not liable and my exhaust receipt was very questionable. like I made it up. I asked what now he said I can go down then and try to figure something out but the owner is not fixing transmission under warranty. Then he said get a lawyer.
    I haven’t had my truck in a week now and cant afford a lawyer. Its funny how there so nice and willing to help you at first to get your money. Then once they have what they want they want nothing to do with you.
    These facts are 21st i picked up my truck with 3 year warranty. Feb. 6th my transmission blew up and they wont fix it under warranty. Facts are my transmission lasted 16 days and only 1160 miles. My exhaust was done 5 days prior to my transmission blowing up the first time. Now I worried besides my transmission my radiator is blown and my motor could be messed up to. Thank you for your time.

  13. I took my car to the local Aamco in charlotte NC because my transmission was slipping. I had taken it to 2 different places before to get a quote. at Aamco, I talked to the manager. He quoted me $100 less than the best previous quote so without doing any research I decided to get my transmission rebuilt there (big mistake). At first they offered me a free diagnosis which I thought was pretty neat. They told me something about my transmission fluid being burnt and that the transmission needed to be rebuilt. It took them about 3 days. When I went to get the car he told me that the were other things that needed to be repair: including break pads, rotors, suspension and most importantly transfer case. He told me I could expect my car to make a noise when slowing down and that it was the transfer case and that it needed to be rebuilt or replaced. I didn’t think much about at first until I drove the car. The transmission seemed to be working better but now the car makes a really loud grinding noise when i brake or slow down. I took it back for them to look at it and they told me that it was the transfer case that was old and it was making all that noise and that the cost to get it rebuilt was anywhere between $900-$1600. I told them that my car did not that make that noise before I took it to them. He said well, It is in there in our invoice and we noticed the sound in our test run. I told them how come you didn’t notice it before the transmission was rebuilt. He said they just didn’t, but they noticed it after and that the transfer case needed to be replaced or rebuilt. I tried to keep my cool, even though inside I knew this guy was trying to rip me off. I asked him, so explain to me how that noise magically appeared after the transmission was rebuilt. He said that it should have been there even before it was rebuilt. I said, well, it wasn’t, my car wasn’t making that noise before which lets me to believe that you guys tampered with my transfer case and who knows what else.

    In short, they did something to my transfer case when they were rebuilding the transmission hoping that I would spend extra $ for the transfer case. I still don’t even know if my transmission was properly rebuilt. I will take it to the dealer to get a diagnosis soon. after all this I did research about complains regarding Aamco and found out that theres literally thousands of people nationwide with similar experiences like mine and that Aamco has been sued before. I am now in the process of finding a lawyer to sue these lying thieves. I rather spend the money of a new transfer case on a lawyer in order to do some justice than in fixing my car.

    Question: Do I take the local AAMCO repair shop to court or AAMCO corporate?

  14. I brought my motor home to aamco stuart fl on Feb. 3, 2011 with a problem when taking off form a stop in drive. Vehicle would be sluggish then rpm’s would fluctuate and there would be a clunk, then the vehicle would drive normal. Could shift manually from first to second to third and to drive with no problem. Mechanic took test drive with me and experienced the same. Was explaining to Mgr. in office upon return about above symptoms. Mgr. quickly ordered mechanic back in shop, and went on to tell me how my clutches, scrags etc. were destroyed. gave me an estimate of $1975 to rebuild and another $479 if torque converter had to be replaced. I agreed. Called me back in couple days states transmission is totally destroyed and had to completely rebuilt at a cost of $4600. I did go to shop and view two long steel tables with transmissions from several vehicles all apart on table. Said certain parts werer mine, not sure which ones were mine. Asked to see my torque converter, stated it had been sent back already. Owner called me a couple days later, states vehicle is ready and they have test driven it twice, and all is ok. Went to pick vehicle up, would not let me test drive until I paid for it, company policy. NO checks, only credit card or cash. Put on credit card. Then presented me with invoice having a jurat stamped on it that I would not protest my credit card for any reason, which I had to initial before they would give me my vehicle. Drove out the driveway, went to first stop light approx. 300 ft. away. When taking off vehicle did exact same thing it did when I brought it to them in the first place. They were closed when I returned, left vehicle at shop. Next dday Mgr. called me and stated they put it on theit $9000 snapon analyzeer and it detected a short in a jumper wire from the computer to the transmission.They did not how to fix and the part was no longer available from Ford. Eventually they took my vehicle to another repait shop 30 miles away to have repair made. They wanted me to pay the $450 they paid to ahve my vehicle repaired correctly. Tried AAMCO headquaters,no help. Also warranty they gave me is not transferrable as they said, and is null and void for a motor home. Credit card company upheld the charge and paid AAMCO because Iinitialed the jurat on their invoice to get my vehicle back, not on the merits of the case. Filed case in small claims court. If transmission wa totally destroyed in first place, I would NOT have been able to drive ti to their shop. Totally MIS-DIAGNOSE, costing me $4600 for a $450 repair. There was a Ford bulletin April 2003 describing the problem I was having and how to repair it. They never put my vehicle on an analyzer until I brought it back after they say they rebuilt my transmission doing the same thing it did whem I brought it there in the first place. The invoice they gave me is different than the one they produced to the BB and Atty Gen. Theirs has my sinature’s dates and initials, mine doesn’t Two different invoice numbers on documents. Totally different forms. Theirs is 8×11, the one I have is 8×14. Also someone forged an x in a box saying I did not request a written estimate. Supposed to use all new parts, says on invoice where reconditioned and used parts were used in certain places. Was $379 for torque convertern invoice proposal, charged $479. Not much anything adds up correctly about anything in reference to this shop.

  15. I had my transmission replace at aamco in Arlington Hgts, Illinois, and took out extended warranty for three years, and was promised by them that if I get rid of my car or sell it I would get back unused portion of the fee..My car was totalled a year later and I been dealing with them to get my unused portion back for three months and they keep telling me that the insurance company is handling it, and will get back to me but nothing yet, I am just getting the run around..Do I had any recourse on this?

  16. wow, I cannot believe the amount of complaints that are out there on these folks! I wish I had known prior to using them myself. I almost got killed because my car would not stop! I had brakes fixed 12/09 while I was out healing from surgery. I started driving car in Jan 2010 and within a month I heard brakes squeaking. I called and guy said they just needed to be broken in?? few more months go by and I call and talk to another person and they said it was because I didnt get the more expansive ones that dont make noise? Said they make different types and since money was an issue they installed ones that aren’t top of the line..Keep in mind this had already cost me $300.95 for rotors. Finally had enough with the noise and went in to have those expansive pads installed. This was on about a year to the date (1.18.11). Well I was called and told the noise was actually my rear brakes. I told him the sound was from the front brakes they had just fixed. They insisted no it was the rear. So………here we go another $329.00 for drums and brake shoes, but hey I would be go to go by now,huh?……….. guess what? Five calls later and taking it back in 3 times! brakes still squeaked!! It wasnt until early Tuesday mornng that I was going to school and my car just failed to stop at the stop sign and I go into oncoming traffic that I decide enough is enough. I was going to use different shop altogether this time. I went to just brakes and was told it was indeed my front brakes as I had said all along. Well another $326.00 to have front brakes done and than they called to ask me who had fixed my rear brakes because the rear drum springs ans adjusters had been installed incorrectly on both sides!! I went back to AAMCO and spoke to gentleman there and he suggested I speak to the general manager. This man wanted to give me a store credit of $200.00 and I explained to him I had already given his buisness plenty of chances to get it right and that store credit would not help me at this time. What he said next is why I am going to the state generals office. He told me he had no incentive on making things right with me since I was not coming back to them! Then he said to let him go back to store and view paper work. The next day he wanted to know if I could bring him the pictures I told him I have and his recorder made a noise …I asked him why he did not tell me he would be recording our conversation and he said he did not have to!! I have had it with that jerk!

  17. Here is my tragic story of our Aamco experience…

    Honda Odyssey 2003 was purchased used on 10/31/06.

    Jan 22, 2008 Van began to slip gears.  Had it towed to Aamco for transmission repair due to free towing.  Charged $3062.06 to rebuild transmission.

    April 10, 2009 Van again began to slip gears. Took back to Aamco and needed another rebuilt transmission and 3 mos out of warranty. Charged us $1587.55.

    June 22, 2010 Van is packed with the entire family going to our vacation destination in SC in the middle of a down pour, the transmission again begins to slip.  Called the local Aamco and they picked up the van.  Same story, needed another rebuilt transmission in the amount of $2406.59.

    After spending our vacation week with phone calls to Aamco to no avail, we had to borrow money from relatives in order to get our family back home.  

    July 20, 2011 Van is again packed with entire family to travel to NC vacation.  30 minutes outside of our hometown, Louisville, Ky it happened AGAIN!  13 months after last repair. Had to call a relative to pick is up off the side of the highway to return home.  Unsure what to do at this point…we had the Van towed to our nearest Aamco dealer.  We fortunately were able to borrow a car from a family member and continue with our vacation trying not to despair.

    The new Aamco dealer seems to think that if we simply add an external cooler to keep the transmission fluid from over heating we should be fine.  The new tab is $2835.60.

    We are currently on hold trying to get some assistance from Aamco Customer Relations.  They are very, very hard to speak to.  Just leave a message and wait to see if anyone calls you back.  We are also thinking of small claims at this point.  This would make it $9891.80 in four years for FOUR transmissions.

    There is a reason that these transmissions are not lasting.  There is a reason why they continue to fail right beyond the warranty. This is not right, this is not fair, this is not safe and Aamco should back their products and stop ignoring this issue. 

  18. Folks, just get the word out. Can’t prove anything, but AAMCO’s ‘rebuilt’ transmissions work long enough to exceed the warranty. Why would they want to do any more? It keeps them in business. So no one should give them anymore business!

    • I work at an Aamco and can tell you that every transmission I build I build to last. I don’t cut corners and I don’t use cheap parts so for you to say and insinuate that all Aamco’s function this way is very offensive and a completely inaccurate statement!

      • LOL buddy, all aamco is the same, aamco cant stay in business if they use quality parts, the money the franchise is asking is too much kiddo.

  19. HELLO,
    My name is Camden
    i have a 2001 honda civic
    one day the car was running funny as if it wasnt getting any gas, it WASN’T shift hard, had clean transmission fluid, all the gears worked. well i took it to AAMCO to fix the called me two day after i took my car there, they said it was my torque converter. so i told them to fix it. COST $650. Then less than a week the called me me back and said my torque converter was ok it was my transmission? i thought it was werid cause my car wasnt showing any sighns that the tranmission was going out. but i told them to fix it, they said the COST would be $2,000, then they called me back later and said it was going to cost me $3,000. thats after they said they started to take the transmission apart, but i drove pass aamco a couple of times and my car was sitting in the parking lot.? then they could me later and told me i need a new fuel pump, i NEVER gave them perrmission to but it in cause i wanted to see if the car was still driving the same,. Well when i got there, they had already put the new fuel pump in WITHOUT my PERMISSION!!! but i finally got my car back, i was driving it, it would shift hard, it ran worest than it did before. and the enigine light was back on the second day i had it back ! so i took it to aamco and they said it was a transmission code they didnt clear, and i told them my car was driving funny and shifting heard. they told me your car runs fine. so i took my car and the next morning my engine light was back on again. so it took it to auto zone and had them run the check enigine light and tell me the code and give it to me, it was my torque converter, it said it was either a failure, or poor connection, that was on saturday well i talked to them and keep kinda blowing me off they wanted me to bring my car up so they could look at it but they wanted me to drop it off. but i new they wasnt going to work on it, so by friday my car wouldnt go over 20mph , it is bull@$!* that i have to worry about breaking down im a full time student and i work full time and i cant get to work or school because they dont no what the fuck they are doing, and its bull*$!@ that no one has sued them or anything, im suppose to get my car back monday at 10:30 p.m we’ll see if that happens, and if i have one more problem im SUEING AMMCO.

  20. After buying my used truck, i discovered that the transmission light was coming on and shifting hard. So i took it to AAMCO Transmissions of titusville, fl to have a diag ran on it. after they told me the computer said transmission was loosing pressure, they need to remove and inspect it and for removal and “installation” is $499. they told me that it needed to be rebuilt and that the $499 was for removal and “inspection” of the Transmission. Every time i asked about the internals of my transmission they’re “builder wasnt there” so i approved over the phone to replace mine with a used transmission for a total of $1050. After two weeks of them telling me that it will be done the next day and me having to take a loan out to pay them my truck was done. One day of driving my truck revealed that it was doing the very same thing as it was when i took it to them in the first place. I took it back expecting them to fix it no charge. They now tell me it is my torque converter causing the exact same problems? Im no idiot, it clearly was the torque converter the whole time. But they continue to claim it was the transmission the first time. After haggling with them i got them to replace the torque converter for cost of just parts, they charged me $328 when i found a replacement part down the street from they’re shop for $199 . Again, for a week i heard that “it will be done tomorrow” and when they finally finished, the front pump seal was bad and they had to replace it (this they did for no charge). When i finally got my truck back on the way home i noticed that my check engine light was on, so i pull over to pop the hood and i find out that they broke the mount to my aftermarket intake and zip-tied it back together, allowing the intake to drop on the belts and eat a hole through my intake. after replacing that, the light was still on, and i had that scanned by the local parts store to find out my oxygen sensor is bad, which i suspect from AAMCO removing the exhaust it was damaged. i dont even plan on complaining about the intake or the O2 sensor bacause after dealing with them i know it will get me nowhere

  21. I took my car into Aamco Transmission on Thursday, February 9th 2012 morning at 7:00 am on to have my transmission checked because I knew the transmission had gone bad, because I had took my car to the Lexus Dealership off university and they explained to me, their company would replace the transmission for $4350.00. I didn’t have the money to have them to replace the transmission, therefore I went to Aamco. (Owner) told me that they would place it on the machine and notify me tomorrow of the outcome. I called Owner every single day and he told me they were still looking at it and he would let me know something as soon as possible. On Wednesday Feb 14th, he told me that he couldn’t give me a quote without taking the transmission apart to see what was all damaged. He said in order to do this he needed verbal verification which was my birthday but at this time I would have to pay them 575.00 for the troubleshooting even if I didn’t get the car fixed, I agreed because in my mind I figured it would still be less than the dealership. I told him my personal information and he in turn said, he would get back to me by Friday Feb 16th to give me a quote so he could get all the parts overnight to complete the job. He didn’t call me and give me an update; I called him daily and was told every single day that we should know by tomorrow. Finally on 21 Feb Wednesday, I called and owner says sorry it took so long but this is the quote $ 3470.00; I explained to Owner that his was still too expensive, I might as well try to come up with the extra money and get a brand new transmission from the dealer. Owner explains, well a brand new transmission from the dealer is going to be more than 4350.00, they (dealership) is going to give you a used transmission. The dealership is not transmission people, this is all I do, I am telling me we are going to give you the best service with all the 2012 updates available for your transmission, and the dealer is not going to do this for 4350.00. It’s just not possible. Well I told Owner I would have to get back with him. I called the dealer and explained the situation to them and they told me since my warranty just expired their Customer Satisfaction Department would pick up half of the costs involved to cover the new transmission. At that point, I called Owner back and asked him to put my car back together and I was going with the dealer. He then said well, I will match what the dealer is charging you at 2200.00 plus the 575.00, I just don’t feel comfortable with what they are promising you, like said, they are not transmission people, they don’t solely do work on transmissions, and that is all we do. So I will match them, I will over night your parts and have you running by Friday if will just let us do the job. At that point he seemed genuine, so I said yes. He said we will need payment first, which should have been a sign, I went over on the 21Feb2012and charged the 2200.00 for the job and he said that because he understood my financial problem he would allow me to pay him back the 575.00 over 6 months, because I explained to him that I was out of more expenses for the rental car, because the vehicle was not finished when promised. He promised me Friday, due to overnighting the parts and a day to put the transmission back together with the new parts. Needless to say, I didn’t get the car back until Tuesday 28 Feb and that very same day, my car broke down again, I called Aamco and they sent someone out, they ended up having to tow my car back to the shop. At this point I was very upset because I had to get another rental car, he promised me the next day, but again it was Thursday or Friday March 2, 2012 when I got my car back. I was still unhappy and told them that because they didn’t even bother to clean my engine, it had transmission (or some fluid) all over the engine. At that point I was just happy to get out of the rental car, I drove my car for a few days and I started to notice a strange noise. I called Aamco and again, they said they would get a tow and take it back to the shop, which is where I am at now. He tells me a day, which I know that is not true, and I am out of more rental car fees. I received a report from Transmission stating that this time is a brake problem (rotators and calibers). He (Owner) told me that it would cost $551.00 to fix this issue; I told him that I wanted to take it to Lexus to get a second opinion. He tells me well you are wasting your money, but if you are not going to let us fix it, then you owe me $130.00 for the tow and diagnostics. I told him that I never asked for a tow or diagnostics, but he was very adamant, therefore I paid him the S130.00 and when I went to Lexus, they told me your brakes are fine, they are reading a (4 back brakes and 5 front brakes, and there is nothing dragging. The noise is coming from your transmission. When I called Owner back to tell them what was said by Lexus, Owner became very upset, told me Lexus didn’t know what the HELL they are talking about, that Chevy and Lexus don’t know what they are doing, I can’t help you, I told you what was wrong, everyone always wants to listen to the dealers, they don’t know what the HELL they are doing. I can’t help you until you. (I am not sure why he mention Chevy, I assume this as another customers complaint) At this point, I feel as their experts are not at all experts. I did not receive the service as promised. They did not and have not to this day fixed my transmission as promised. I am constantly out of more money for rental car fees. My vehicle is running very loud, you can tell the sound in coming from under the hood, not the back brakes and I have no more confidence that I will not be broken down, because Aamco was not able to fix my transmission as promised. ( I cannot repeat the name, but the rental car representative told me, he knows SEVERAL people who have had to take their car back to Aamco at least 4 or 5 times out of their vehicles for 2-3 weeks each time. Their service is not acceptable). I am taking my car to the dealer who will put in a New Transmission, because I am so tired of the run around with Aamco. It is crazy that they can take people’s money and not provide the service. The sign in front says that we get it right the first time, well I am sure there are some Aamco repair shops that do, but the one here doesn’t. I can understand a mess up occassionally, but it is constantly here at my location in Hunstville AL. It’s just unfair, that they can take your money and not fix your car.

    Thank you

  22. I went into the amocco transmission in Garner NC. The owner is (edited). I took my car in last year to have the transmission rebuilt. My are is not fix. I have went back over hundred times. My car will not change gears correctly. I advised anyone not to go to amocco transmission have to file court papers to get my car fix

  23. I guess I’m not alone!
    My next step, calling Attorney General or recommended attorney if anyone has one.

    Here’s my story… it is much longer but I’ll try to make it summarize:
    Vehicle is a 1999 Lexus RX300 AWD
    All work done in San Diego by 4 different Aamcos. 2 are now out of business.

    Original vehicle transmission failed at about 130,000 miles.

    Took to Aamco Miramar for repair, their quote was better than Lexus (in hind-site, it’s now cost me a lot more.)

    Had it repaired. About $4000. 12,000mile/12 month warranty

    At 800 miles, having problems.

    Took to Lexus dealer… they say need a new transmission.

    Took it back to Aamco Miramar since it’s under warranty there. They patched it and it worked for another couple thousand miles.

    Failed again.

    Took it back to Aamco Miramar. They patched it and it worked for another couple thousand miles.

    Failed again

    Took it back to Aamco Miramar.They de-franchised and are no longer Aamco. Referred to another Aamco… Aamco Convoy.

    Aamco Convoy says transmission needs to be rebuilt, now out of warranty (by less than 1000 miles). Corporate Aamco would not budge.

    Aamco Convoy reluctantly paid by me to rebuild transmission. They offered me a discount . Repair was about $2000.

    When completed, I asked for 12K/12month warranty. Aamco Convoy. The owner would not release my vehicle to me unless I purchased a 3 year/100K mile warranty for $1500. He even told me that had he known I was only wanting a 12 month warranty he would have used lesser quality parts!!! Huh????

    30,000 miles later, transmission failed.

    Aamco Convoy now out of business.

    Brought car in for repair April 6, 2012 to Aamco Miramar (new owners, new location).

    New owners at new Miramar Aamco now involved. This is their 1st Warranty repair since they opened their franchise. Learned from them (via Aamco Corp) that Aamco Convoy sold me a warranty that does not exist so he could get more money from me (and others) before closing his doors.

    Aamco corporate trying to decide how to cover or get out of warranty repair. They sit on my car and do nothing for about 2 weeks. Rental car expenses racking up.

    Aamco Corp finally agrees to allow local shop to pull and dismantle transmission after about 2 weeks of sitting in shop.

    Extensive internal damage discovered. Shops opinion is it would be more cost effective (for them) to install a rebuilt transmission rather than to rebuild it there.

    Aamco Corp does not believe the Shop that so much damage possible. Sent Corp rep out to take pictures.

    Third week at shop, Corp approves the transmission to be rebuilt and shop to order parts.

    Fourth week, no parts received at shop yet. Rental car expense now approaching $1000. Shop manager says “These Lexus transmission fail so often it’s hard to find parts for them!!!” What?????

    Quick search by me on eBay, I found 10 rebuilt transmissions and even more rebuild kits for sale. Rebuilts are around $1500. Just slightly less than the cost of my rental car now!

    April 30, 2012… enter my story on to this site. Still waiting for my car. Calling Atty General in the morning.

  24. What can you do if your state is not one of the fourteen?I am in Az and feel that I was lied to and done wrong by AAMCO and now a little over a year and my transmission is shot.What can I do?

  25. WOW!!! I’m sorry that anyone had to experience this non-sense. Because I had a problem before they put it on the rack and took my vehicle somewhere else. I didn’t’ have to give them a dime. But none the less if I can help anyone from going to the place I will. So here is my story. I had my 05′ Buick Rendezvous towed into AAMCO Memphis TN on Winchest Cv. on 06/12/12 (Tuesday) about 10am. I called them to get a quote on the cost of repair it. I was speaking with (edited) before I brought it in and after I brought it in. I called on the same day to get a quote, well he said they had not gotten to it and he would call me first thing the next morning. Well I didn’t hear from him so I called him. He told me the transmission would have to be rebuilt. I said ok what will be my cost he told me. Worse case scenario $1800-$2200 but he could not give me an exact quote until they began working on it. (This was suspect.) Well I guess you can say God’s intervention but I decided to ride by the shop on 06/14/12 to see if my vehicle was at least locked up or look like they were working on it. Because once I gave the go ahead to get started (edited) told me it would be about Monday or Tuesday the following week. Well upon arriving up there the parking lot is not gated, the cars are not protected in anyway. I immediately noticed that an appliqué was missing off my vehicle. Before pulling off the lot, I called the number expecting to get an answering machine. But to my surprised I got a person. (edited). Who advised me he was the owner, so I begin to tell my story about the part missing on my vehicle. He was so apologetic but continues to say he was not at the shop and was unaware of the situation but would check on it first thing the next morning and give me a call. But it’s not a problem they could get that replaced. So I said ok. Well they open at 7 am. I was expecting a call no later than 9am. When I did not receive a call, I called Robert. He stated I’m sorry didn’t call you but let me check while you are on the phone. He said oh yea I see it, maybe it fell off and they put it inside the truck. Let me get the key and I will call you back. Well that did not sit well with me, so I went to the shop at 10 a.m. he still had not checked for it. In route to the place I called the same tow truck company that delivered the vehicle to the on 06/12/12 so I could take it elsewhere. I talk to the so called owner (his business cards says manager not owner by the way) he kept stating he would have to speak to (edited) about it. They were more concern about me taking the vehicle away then the problem at hand. This further let me know I was making the right decision to not allow them to do anything to my vehicle. I sent him a copy of the tow report to show there was nothing missing when I brought my truck in, as well as a letter of our conversation. So I was patient still nothing. (edited) called me the next day asking what was the problem why did I take the vehicle away and if it was the part missing, I didn’t allow them time to replace it. I told him it was the inconsistency of the price I was going to be charge, the customer service and the part missing, but right now my concern was to get my part replace. He was VERY rude, he begin to depreciate my vehicle by saying that he don’t know anyone with a rendezvous, and I said what does that have to do with my part missing. He said because does not have a reason to steal it. And my car is not one that is stolen often so the towing company had to do it or it was missing before it arrived. I told him all I want it my part replaced. (Keep in mind my part is only $88.97). While trying to explain, he told me it’s neither here or there but he was not replacing it especially since I took my vehicle away prematurely. I have reported them to BBB as well as contacted an attorney. After reading all the other complaints I’m glad I did not allow additional work because right now my problem seem small compared to the nightmare each of you have had. But I believe right is right and I will complain about them and deter customers from them until they are out of business are I see positive results from this company. AAMCO should not franchise out if they are not going to represent the name correctly. The company I did take my vehicle to, was very courteous, and made me spending $2400.00 easy, I have a 24,000/2yr warranty and they told me to bring it back in 1000-1500 miles for a check up to make sure everything is running fine. It was done exactly when they said it would be ready.

  26. I had the worst experience ever with aamco I felt like what I though was being legally robbed before reading this information. I went to aamco for an overheating problem so they said my transmission was in fail safe mood so I agreeded on replacing it with a re-built one so I picked up my vehicle attempted to drive and again it overheated so I had it towed back. They then started saying there were some cooliant & oil leaks so I agreeded to fix that. So once again I left and sure enough it overheated again so had it towed back this time they said it was the radiator so had that done and the machanic swore this time it would not overheat again so left and what happen it did it again so towed back for the forth time then they claimed it was the water pump that I just had replaced else where which was under warrenty so I had it towed again to another shop who did there evaluation and found it to be a cracked head gasket which aamco claimed that checked and ok’d. Had I of known that in the beginning I would have never invested the money into all that other stuff because the car was not worth replacing the engine. I’m a single mom with a 9 month old daughter who was in the car every time it overheated and I felt like I was just robbed. At the end of the day that money I did not have was just thrown down the toilet because I had to get another car. If they would have diagnosed the problem correctly not tell me that the issue it ended up being was ok fixing unnessasary stuff wasting towing my time and indangering my child when all I wanted is my car taken car the first time not trail and error four times then have to take it elsewhere to get the true story if this isn’t robbery I don’t know what is! I’m calling headquarters first thing Monday if they don’t want to help I will contact the inspector general and a private attorney if I have to! I also had it done in Washington so it’s one of the states listed!

  27. If there is anyone else in AZ that has had it with AAMco can they contact me. How can AZ get in on the list of states that are already listed?

    • My son just this month, March 2015, is dealing with a transmission issue in Arizona. Was towed to AAMCO and told transmission had to be disassembled to find out the extent of damages to transmission. Was never given written quote but was given verbal quote. When he decided not to go with AAMCO he informed owner he wanted car back with transmission. Was told transmission in “100 parts” and to come back tomorrow. He was given transmission in parts in a box with some parts missing and others broken beyond normal wear and tear. Had to pay $640 plus $40 for towing before AAMCO allowed him to remove the car. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  28. Same promblem, I am sooo angry at AAMCO, you all guessed paid 2500.00 for transmission in Oct 2011, took back in March becuse transmission went totally out, they replaced and now transmission is out again BUT this time the warrent is out. I am getting in contact with the Attorney General. If anyone has similar issues with any Texas locations please let me know

  29. I took my 1999 Mercedes clk 320 convertible to have transmission work done to it at the Aamco in New Brunswick nj. After them checking the car and telling me it would cost over $5k to rebuild the engine , I choose not to. The shop was still charging me $800 for taking the trans out. I can to see the car today and the entire engine has been changed. They took out my good working engine and placed in a oil leaking , rust engine. I am going to fill a police report and call an attorney

  30. Stephane A. Says:

    Friday 14,2012. Finally might be able to take the car back from Aamco Transmission after the car had been moved to another location. When the police was called to the Aamco location in New Brunswick, NJ, a complete report was never filed. The officer left out
    and/or did not include pertinent information about my car such as the description of the car. I took my 1990 Mercedes Clk 320 convertible in for. Transmission repair and the owner of the shop ended up swapping g out my engine and replacing it with a old non-working engine and tried to pass it back to me as if that was the way the car was when I first took it in. To date, I will go back to the police station to have another supplement added to the police report with more detailed facts. I feel as if by the now the owner has had enough time to probably try to get the original engine put back in cause I caught him. I believe he has been ripping people off for a long time in this area. The owner preys on the demographics of this area because he knows the majority of the customers are minorities with little information what to do if they feel ripped off. I now enter week 5 of the nightmare !
    I will keep this site updated.
    I did file a criminal complaint with the Middelsex County District court there has been a court date set for Feb 7, 2013. Wow imagine the storage fees from today 12/14/12 till then. Whoa

  31. My Ford F 150 broke down the road the nearest transmission shop oh I thought had a reputable name was Amco I took my truck to the shop and they look through the transmission and found out that it was blown Amco replace my transmission cost to 3700 dollars gave me at 12 month warranty and talk to me out of a stock transmission from Ford they told me that they could rebuild it cheaper and last just as long My transmission blew up again because of a part they didn’t replace the first time so for cost they rebuild a transmission once again costing me 2500 dollars 9000 miles later transmission flush up again under warranty that currently fixing my transmission under warranty right now I’m 7000 dollars out and come to find out that my truck has been burglarized on their lot and lost my stereo in garage door opener which was right next to my registration the Seas now have my garage door opener and the address of my house I would like to know if I had any legal case because I would like to demand a refund none of this would happen if I am girl wouldn’t have talked me out of a ford transmission

  32. AAMCO’s. CEO Mark Graham after 3 unsuccessful years was terminated on Monday 2-12-13 by American Capital Mgt (sorry quit due to too much travel). Temp / fill in CEO soon to take over until newbie replacement is found.

  33. Aamco transmission new manufaturing compny in Atlanta Georgia produces transmissions that do not work and break most of the time, yet aamco corporate demands that these tramsmissions be sold anywhere from $4,000 to $,7000 to customers and do not care of the aftermath results. They trick people into buying aamco stores with false promises, take from $50,000 to $300,000 in franshise key money and then buy back the stores for a fraction of the price when the store owner fails to make the money aamco promises them. This happens all over the country with many complaints and there are key players who contribute to this problem and American Capital and Driveline fail to see the problem. Here we have a few individuals who do not only understand owners of stores but lack the brains to understand customer retension, quality of work, and honest prices. They have been trying to get in total car care for over a decade due to lack of transmission sales, and have for the past ten years produced 10,000 weekly average sales through out the entire chain of 850 stores. With such low numbers, I can’t believe that know one in charge in American Capital has made any one accountable. Its like wall street, the crash is near, and the only one who suffers will be the franchise owners. maybe thats why Mark Graham quit ? There is more to say, so leave me your comments.

  34. sI drop my ford xplorer off at aamco about nine days ago .in malc 115 white hores pike its still not ready so l went (edited) mgr he told he’s waiting drum gear itjfrom fatory want be ready for another week . So now it all most three weeks with out my truck

    • William,
      Your ford transmission cost the shop $875.00 already delievered with a convertor from aamco’s GPS facility in Georgia. Your truck should hve been back to you in 3-5 days. The price should have been no more thn $2,500 installed with a 3 year/ 50,000 mile warranty. If the shop were rebuilding your trans in house, the price should have been around $2,300.00 and that drum gear is whats called a hard part and is available at trans star, aamco’s main parts supplier. That part is in stock and should have been delievered in one day. The cost of that part is around $50.00. The shop is playing games with you. And now you know !

    • Is this in NJ?

  35. Aamco’s time has come and now its time for the corp to be gone. Anyone interested in bringing this corrupt company to be held to its actions in fraud, misrepresentation, franshise abuse, breach of contract, manipulation and extorsion, please reply. I have the ability to do just that, but need direct eccess to dealers and customers. I will be waiting for everyones reply.

  36. Please help me…Aamco has already put in 2 transmissions in my 2004 Ford explorer… and they keep failing…What can/should I do now??? I really need my car plus I have already paid $ 3,000.00

  37. Machelle Says:

    I went to Aamco because my car got stuck in mud and it was hard to get out. Afterward, it acted like it didn’t want to go into gear, when I braked it was rev but not go into drive, but went in reverse just fine. The following day, i just didn’t want to go into drive. This automotive place was right by my house, so we just pushed it there.
    Was told that I need transmission rebuilt becasue my gears were gone, my oil was black and my transmission was leaking.
    Was informed that I would be charge almost $600.00 just to get the transmission taken out and inspected. Was told that cost could be anywhere between $2000-$2400, but can increase up to over ‘s $3000 if it is a major problem, but couldn’t be told the price until after work was completed.
    This just sounded shady, no way am I going to let you take my car apart, and then charge me whatever you want, and I have to pay it to get my car back.
    So, I decided to buy a transmission my self and get someone to put it on. The transmission was $750 excluding taxes. I had to get a rental for the week to get to work, because i couldn’t get it put in until the weekend.
    The only problem is, I never needed a new transmission! He tried to rip me off!
    When I went to pay for the diagnostics, he gave me a sheet of paer with his handwriting on it. Asked him for diagnostic sheet, he said this is it. Handwriting that I can’t even read. Asked him about error codes, and puting it on the computer, was informed that since it was a mechanical problem, it didn’t have error codes. This just sound wrong.
    Long story short, went to get car, and car shifted right into gear. At light it would stutter a little, was told that filter probably need to be change due to the mud, but transmission is not gone, fluid was not black, and it was not leaking.
    So I just brought a transmission for nothing!

    P.S. The repair shop used to be Aaamco and someone else brought it, or so I thought or I would never have gone to them. Before I left, I said something about it used to be Aamco and was informed that it was still Aamco they had just did something with ownership, can’t remember what and the name changed.

    Such a rip-off!!!!

    Can I sue them for Fraud or something? I live in Louisiana.

  38. Caroline Says:

    I have been stuck in ct for the past week. Was quoted 2400 by AAmco and 2 days to repair. . It’s been 7 days since then and the additional alleged expenses now are up to 4021. the owner, (edited), admitted to ordering a wrong part and promised he would stay all day saturday to finish the job, thos was yesterday. At 12:30 on Saturday I had a voice mail from someone other than the owner stating they found electrical problems and would finish Monday after they figured out what they were. I called back within 30 minutes and as I assumed no one was there at 1pm. My car has been diagnosed 3 times in 2 months, it’s a 2008 Acura TL. They never diagnosed any problems with the electrical system. Furthermore 2 months ago, the car was left at our local mechanic with instructions to repair all he found wrong. That was $3000. No complaints there. Aamco is now saying faulty sensors, etc. claiming the casing is cracked, electrical, so on and do forth. i believe some, if not all of this would have been noticed 2 months earlier. I am paying 200 a night to stay in ct, amongst incurring additional obvious expenses, taxis, eating out etc. I was heading from RI to MD, when I noticed the engine revving to high. I’m losing money not working missing appointments etc. I will heed your advice and contact the local AGs office. I don’t know what else to do.

    • trannyman Says:

      Well, you should have stayed away from SCaamco.Will people never learn? I have heard this story too many times.

  39. We are currently researching franchisee claims against AAMCO. If you own or have owned an AAMCO franchise, please contact us to discuss your experiences. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Kelly Spann

  40. Though this a a bit old now I’ve been dealing with Aamco for almost two years. They had my car almost 8 months on the first repair I got it back and the transmission failed in the 7th week. And again they are working on month 7 with no resolution. They claim they do not have the funds to purchase a transmission for my car to replace the faulty rebuild and do not have the funds to refund my money to me 3100$. They are now looking for a used transmission which they cannot find in there budget I inquire weekly with no news on getting my car back.

  41. Had my first transmission replaced apps. 7 months ago with aamco, now after 4 break downs witch has been 1 rebuild, 3 refurbish ed, now my truck might not go into gear, have the 12 month warranty, they have honored it, so far, but where does it end. I want a full refund so I can sell the truck as is. Any legal help would be awesome. Thanks

  42. nhparry Says:

    Due to a low rumbling noise when I came up to stop lights, I asked my Sears mechanics what the problem could be. They said they didn’t know, but it “might” be the transmission. I took my car to AAMCO Monrovia, CA – that was the beginning of the ordeal.
    6 visits to AAMCO (on the same issue) in less than two months, two transmissions, and $2,000 later, I found out (from Sears Automotive) that the noise was the power steering, NOT the transmission. There was never any proof that I needed one, much less two, transmissions. Meanwhile, AAMCO’s negligence in not finding & fixing the real problem endangered my car for 2 months. They weren’t about fixing the problem, they were about trying to bilk me for the cost of putting in 2 transmissions.
    I’m suing them for fraud, negligence, and lost wages. I’m going to look into bringing criminal charges against them, too, if I can.
    Thank you for what you do here. You give a lot of people (like me) a lot of relief. I can’t wait to sick ’em!

  43. I had a horrible experience with Aamco of webster TX. I am looking for an attorney to help me with class action. My car was over heating. They told me it had a transmission leak. I told them that was funny, that I had had the transmission serviced, and that I was driving it everyday, and had never noticed anything. to make a long story short, they never called me, I called them. It took them 4 weeks to fix my car, and when I got it back the check engine light is on and the cruise control doesn’t work. You may wonder what does this have to do with the transmission? The speed sensor on the top of the transmission was damaged or not replaced when they did the work.Ok… here is the kicker, the estimate was $2100.00 to replace the water pump and radiator… the final bill $5155.93, and they didn’t put the transmission back in the car until I paid them, with a loan at 31% interest. The car isn’t running right since I took it there… can you help me please? I filed a report with the F.T.C. as you advised… filed with the D.A.s office, state of Texas… and blasted them on Rip off report .com, as well as the BBB… Going to court today… 9/11/2014… Small claims. Please continue your hard work, the ammo Im going to court with is mostly from your website advise. If you know of a Texas attorney or a class action suit I can join. Thank you, Craig

  44. So I’m guessing I’m going to have to contact the proper authorities also. My car has been at an Aamco for almost three weeks and I still have no valid answers. First I needed a rebuilt transmission now they are saying that it couldn’t be rebuilt and I need a new one. It took two weeks to figure all of this out and I’m just getting the run around. During this time I’ve had a rental because I have to get the kids from point A to B. My intial price quote was $2500, then the price of the new one was $3000. Now I call yesterday and the other guy said he can olny find them for $7000 WTF!!!! At this point I don’t want them to even work on my car but it’s already dismanteled and “she” is sitting patiently up on the lift. Any help I’m open to any advise.

  45. Victor Says:

    Chanel…I am dealing with the same exact thing as you!! AAMCO has had my vehicle for (3) weeks now. Thousands of dollars spent! I am in FLA and getting prepared to file a lawsuit. Email me at [please contact through this web site]

  46. 3 weeks? That’s nothing. They have had my car for 3 years. The shop that originally had my car folded up after 2 years it’s been towed to a new location and they don’t want to do anything with out knowing how they will be laid either by the owner of the previous shop or corporate paying them. So 3 weeks is not that bad lol.

  47. O wow 3 years I hope you have a new car by now. Well Victor basically by the forth week they told me that my transmission was coming from California and it was fixed within 4 days. So far so good with no issues. But to get to that point was a bi***

  48. I took my car to Aamco because I had a transmission leak. I was told that I had three leaks, and that they would have to take the trans out to fix all of them. Three days later I go to pick up my car and the engine light is on and my good running car is jumping. I’m told to drive it and it should smooth out and the light should go out after it adjust. I didn’t want to leave it there so I brought it home. Going to take it and put it on a machine to find out what they did to my car. Smh!

  49. I took my truck to get maintance and did not get fixed there was more promblems than I came in there with its still runs the same ! I paid 1050.00 for my truck not being worked on and running worse !!
    What us really going on with Aamco ?? auto shops that are susposed to have mechanics that no what there doing?? Not!!!!! I hope we can when this lawsuit !!!

  50. Very informative, thanks for sharing

  51. i wish I had found this page two weeks ago. I can’t believe that such an evil enterprise exists. I’m not seeking a refund. I paid for a service that included putting my car back together, then they said I needed to have the transmission rebuilt, which they should have been able to do without taking my car apart. clearly, this was part of the plan; take my car apart and then trap my car to extort more money out of me. I’m still waiting to for them to put my car back together so I can tow it elsewhere, losing $695. I’m not having conmen repair my car. Here’s a link on racketeering. I don’t know how to start a class action lawsuit, but it seems that enough of us here have been lied to, have had our cars taken apart so that we’d need to pay extra or were given misdiagnoses to get us to pay for services we didn’t need. it seems like various aamco’s do this. it can’t be just coincidence. Here’s a link about RICO. It appears as though AAMCO clearly violates this act. AAMCO won’t stop. they need to be stopped, which is why RICO was created in the first place.

  52. I was lucky enough to receive most of the money back from my Trans rebuild however 3 years have gone by and I never got my car! They shot the building down that my car was at I had it towed to there new location I have receipt of the tow but when I went to collect the balance owed to me and the car it was gone. Still have no idea where it’s at.

  53. What about the customers who have been Scammed?? All the complaints I have read are similar stories like my own. I need help I’m getting Nowhere. I’m Tired ,Stressed Out, causing problems in marriage because of this. I still don’t have my Car. Lack of Sleep. Missed work because I have to seal with phone calls, and try to deal with this problem with AAMCO in Harbor City.

  54. Thank you for this blog.

  55. We had a small hickup in the transmission of our 1990 Chevy Silverado, when we traveled in speeds over 55 miles an hour, no other signs of transmission damage at all. No hard shifting, no high idol or banging noises. We took it to Aamco Transmission in Puyallup, WA to have it looked at. I just got my vehicle back from Aamco Transmission 9/14, they have had it since 8/25. Store Manager denied giving any quotes before physical inspection.

    I authorized Store Manager to drop the transmission oil pan to inspect and he told us it was the torque convert that needed replacement and quoted $2200 to repair our vehicle. I went in on Friday 8/26 to retrieve my vehicle and Store Manager informed my husband the vehicle was unsafe to drive but he was leaving to take a test drive with another vehicle. So we could not get the keys to take it to another shop to be looked at for other quotes. After many calls I countered them at $1900 the highest quote but this was based on Store Manager’s assessment and Store Manager agreed he could do it for that rate.

    They kept our vehicle for another week after tearing everything apart and Store Manager called back saying that he found the transmission needs to be replaced and the job is now $3200 before tax ($3700 after tax). I told him the car isn’t worth that much and I wanted it looked at by another shop. He told me it would be $1300 to put the car back together. I reminded him I tried to get it Friday 8/26 and he wouldn’t give us our keys. I asked him what would cost that much and he informed me “hours and materials” I asked what materials if all you have done is open the vehicle, he said, “Shop Rags”.

    I reached out to his District Manager for assistance on 9/1 because Store Manager indicated he couldn’t do anything with the price. I got quotes from other companies for a rebuilt transmissions and it was between $1400 and $2500 (worst case). District manager really laid into me that I wasn’t getting my car back unless I paid the re-installation fee of $1300 and let me know Store Manager never should have approved the $1900. He also not only knocked the companies but the quotes I got from competitors. I told him this was an absurd price and I felt like I was being blackmailed with my vehicle. Because of District Managers lack of customer service I went on to tell him that I will be posting reviews on this company’s disregard for the customers and not communicating prices. He went on to say “negative post won’t hurt a multi-billion dollar company”. I have never been so offended by management, after doing more research on the company and what they do to others, it is clear I am not the only one.

    District Manager finally ended up offering $3000 after tax with a ten year warranty. I thought now there is the customer service. I agreed and Store Manager called to confirm and got my husband’s date of birth to lock in the quote. Because we got the discount we were then put on low priority, I let a week go by without any communication and called Store Manager on 9/7 to see how things were going but had to leave him two messages. I finally got a hold of him on Thursday 9/8 and he indicated that it would be a couple more hours of work and he would call me before end of business (EOB). That went on for five days, he never called me back, so I called him the morning after to find out what happened. He said he would call me by EOB and never did.

    Finally on Tuesday 9/13 I texted District Manager to let him know they have had our vehicle for nearly a month and it is still not finished, we must have it back. He said he would follow up with Store Manager and get back with me. Again lack of communication, I didn’t hear back from District Manager and called him the morning of 9/14. District Manager told me my car has been done for a couple days, they were just test driving it. I asked why Store Manager didn’t tell me that on Monday and he said I am not sure I will talk to him about it.

    I picked up my truck and the ten year warranty was not on the receipt and the transmission shifts extremely hard between 1st and 2nd. I called Store Manager and he said I can have a certificate that warranties the transmission if I come back down. I told him about the hard shift and he said the timing needs to be calibrated. He now wants us to bring the truck down for a couple more hours to be assessed. I have only had the truck since 1:06pm and it is now 2:06pm and he already wants me to bring it back *FOR A COUPLE MORE HOURS.

  56. I was recommended this website by means of my cousin. You are incredible! Thanks!|

  57. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a friend who has been conducting a little research on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast due to the fact that I found it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!

  58. You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the greatest sites online. I am going to highly recommend this web site!

  59. Took my Nissan Pathfinder in to aamco in Dec because I noticed it was shifting weird. I left it there for a few hours and got a call saying the transmission is going out and they need to take it apart to see what’s going on. I was told they would have an answer for me in a couple days and they would get ahold of my extended warranty co and go from there. After a couple days I had to call multiple times a day for about a week. I kept getting told that they would look into it and call me right back. Then they started saying they were waiting for the warranty company. I called my warranty company after about 3 more days and they said they hadn’t even been contacted by aamco. I then had to call aamco back (mind you they have had my car for a week now) to tell them my warranty place said they have not been contacted. Was told yet again they needed to make some calls and they would call me back. They never did. I had to call them back. The warranty ended up not covering the transmission cost or the radiator cost so I had to pay out of pocket just under 6000 bucks. They had my car from Dec 2016-Feb 2017. Took my car into the dealership on 24may2017 for routine maintenance. They saw an issue with some fluids, sent it to the Nissan dealership to get checked out properly and was told today 31may2017 that it looks like I need a new transmission and radiator……. Which I just spent out of pocket for three months earlier! The dealership guy told me it doesn’t even look like they replaced the transmission. He said it looks like I have new hoses but that’s it. I am so pissed right now.

  60. My family and I are appauld for the unprofessional service that we endured with Aamco for the last month that my car was in their care! For a total of four weeks, I was told a different story on what was going on with my vehicle. This included time, cost, additions, personal information, ask for money before the services were done, etc. Upon receiving my car it still was not operating properly

  61. The AAMCO owner and manager in Denver, CO on Alameda Avenue have been sued MULTIPLE times in small claims court, including by myself, and all plaintiffs have successfully won every case against them.

    Despite this, I still have not received the money rightfully owed to me (they originally took nearly $3,000 from me and performed no repairs on my vehicle.) I have contacted the AAMCO main office and got no help from them. I just recently found this site, and I am very grateful for all this information publicly shared. I hope that it will help me in getting my money back and reveal the shady business that they are to the rest of the world.

    • I sued AAMCO Monrovia, CA 2 years ago, and won. I JUST got paid off. If they’re scumbags enough, it can take you quite a while to get your money. Just FYI

  62. Amcco has the worst service I have ever experienced there manager s are rude and there service technician s are not qualified to change a light bulb

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