Report Aamco’s Judgment Violations Here


Don’t have time for the paperwork to report Aamco’s judgment violations or other rip-off abuse? Maybe you don’t know how to begin the process, or you’re simply intimidated by the thought of “all the red-tape”! Or, perhaps you have direct knowledge of ongoing abuse, but are afraid of reprisals if you report them! Why not let Aamcolawsuit’s reporting program help?

As discussed elsewhere in this website, Aamco has in the past been ordered by certain state and federal government agencies to prevent the abuse of customers by its franchisees. By reading the government orders contained in this website, you can compare the stipulations Aamco agreed to, as opposed to that which you may have encountered, or what you may know others to be incurring.

For example, if your car was serviced in a state requiring Aamco to make certain public disclosures through the posting of signs within the repair shop (see “The Restrictive Orders” page, or “p9” of the “14 State Consent Judgment” page of this website), but the shop did not have such signs posted as required, you can report it on this page. Other examples, such as not receiving written and/or oral price estimates prior to the removal of your transmission, or perhaps not receiving a firm price quotation (the shop’s price kept growing after the original quote), can be reported here.

Our new reporting program is an invaluable tool for those conscientious persons who would like to report ongoing abuse, but don’t want to jeopardize their own standing.

Take your time and read the orders carefully to determine what you may have been entitled, but may not have received. Or, if you simply have knowledge of ongoing abuse, feel free to let us know. Aamcolawsuit will review and consider each complaint or comment for submission to the proper authorities through our abuse reporting program. Aamcolawsuit pays all expenses of operating the program, and is free of charge to you!

In addition, if you want to remain anonymous when reporting any of Aamco’s rip-off abuse, just state “not to be published” along with your comments. With such notification, we will not publish your comments on this website, and will redact your personal identification prior to forwarding your information to the authorities.

Remember, it will take all of us together to make a difference. Please take a few minutes to help! It could prevent others from incurring the pain suffered by so many.





Please read the Disclaimer and Terms page of this website!


16 Responses to “Report Aamco’s Judgment Violations Here”

  1. Recently, my reverse gear went out on my 2001 BMW. This failure is documented very well on .noreverse. I called 6 shops on that website and all quoted me $2200- $2700 for the repair. I called Aamco and told them of my problem, told them what it was, etc. I was quoted over the phone an estimate of $3000.00. I told them that was a little high, but they said “I needed a new torque converter”. I explained that the car had 60k, and none of the 6 BMW shops changed the torque converter for that problem. The manager said okay and the estimate was $2600.00. I gave a verbal okay for them to drop the transmission. I get a phone call last night saying that “Great news: the transmission is in great shape, it was the reverse gear only. Its just going to cost you $3785.00 to get it fixed!”
    I told them not to do anything until I meet them face to face. I don’t how it went up $1200.00 with “great news!” so…now facing a battle.
    Also, was threatened that if i did not take the torque converter, that they would not warranty work! So $1300.00 more added to the bill.

    • the saddest part of these complaints are that with proper educaion most would be avoided so in an effort to further educate the public i will give my more than 2 cents worth. My career started with an aamco dealer in florida 1978, since than i have worked for several franchisees in different capacities from management to rebuilder, the greater majority(9 out of 10)are not legitimately performing the work as outlined on their invoice. They will tell you what you want to hear until they take your money than you find out how poorly they will stand behind the work performed. When you bring your vehicle in for what you think might be under warranty you soon will find the manager calling you with a new estimate implying that the parts needed for the repair are not covered, furthermore now that they are in total car care they will tell you a sensor or other engine paRT IS THE CAUSE AND NOT THE TRANSMISSION. not true 9 out of 10 times. i would challenge this investigative team who composed this website to contact me. im not looking to “grind an axe” just to join a team such as yours and provide the consumer with ammo needed to engage in todays aftermarker aoutomotive repair business needs. no need to get ripped off anymore.

  2. I’m pretty devastated… I took my car to the AAMCO in Pearl River NY (40A W. Washington Avenue Pearl River, NY 10965 to be exact) & was met by a friendly receptionist & what appeared to be your average transmission shop (never been in one until now). I left the car there and was told I would have an estimate for work shortly. I received a call from the owner informing me that it would be $1200 to take the trans out & $2600 to fix it. This price fit in with my impression on transmissions and what they cost so I gave a verbal OK. My first mistake.

    About three days later I received a call from the owner again with “Great News.” I’ll paraphrase him here, “So your transmission’s a mess. To rebuild the whole thing will cost around $8000 since the transmission, transfer case, torque converter, & solenoids are all bad. However, I was able to find you a completely assembled trans with 32k miles for around $3800. So that, plus the labor, brings us to $5240.” $5240! Are you serious!! I didn’t say this out loud, since I was in shock. (FYI. I’m a 24y-old newlywed living in an apartment so this is some serious savings for me). He wanted the OK from me within the hour since my car was, “Taking up space in his shop.” I hung up the phone and scrambled to make some calls. I spoke with two mechanics that both undercut him by $1000 and included 3-year warranties (his was a 90 warranty from his parts guy).

    In the above paraphrase, I failed to mention that he wanted a down payment of $3,800 for the parts in CASH! Said he wouldn’t under any circumstances accept credit since he’s been “burned too many times.” I explained to him that I was afraid of getting “burned,” so he assured me that this was simply to avoid paying AAMCO corporate a 10% fee. So he’s ripping off his own franchise (AAMCO are you reading this?). Now I’m asking for my car back…

    He says, “Oh, you can’t do that, I’ll have to charge you for the tear down and the rebuild without fixing a thing! This’ll be like $3000 for nothing. Then you’ll take it to another guy and he’ll charge you the same price!” He then went into some heavy technical details on why my car was immovable due to its make and how the engine and trans balance the car (since I suggested we take it without him putting it back together).

    WORST OF ALL: And this is my own fault I guess. My manufacturer had a recall announced the previous day. They said they would have repaired the whole thing for FREE if I had brought it to them. But since some “unauthorized guy” took it apart, they can’t verify my claims.

    My car is a hostage and being held ransom. Is there anything I can do?

    • wow! brandon i had the same problem obvious the company is practicing bad business cause i’m in florida and all i have to do is put my name on top anyway they fixed mine and i went and drove it off the their lot, and i think u should do the same this company is a rip off all over the world

  3. I went to The aamco off burner rd. In Austin tx about a year and a half ago and had my transmission rebuilt,quote on quote, and had the 12000 1 yr warranty. I started having problems with the shifting in Aug 2011 and could tell something was wrong, it was slipping. I took my car back in and they just kept telling me there was nothing wrong and sent me on my way. Recently I took it in again, still doing tje same thing, the transmission slips between 1 st and 2 nd. gear . this time they told me it was the same part again and I would have to get it redone. Aamco is such bull*@#! and they don’t stand behind there work. They never fixed the problem they just put a band aid on it. The guy pretty much told me I got what I paid for and would have to pay again to get it refine. Worst customer service ever,bull*@#! place,never take your car to aamco if it means anything to you!!!

  4. I took my car for transmission work at an Aamco to get rebuild and the Trannsmission has never worked correctly.. I have taken it back more than 5 times to get looked at and they tell me nothing with it. But the Tranns has been slipping into going into every gear since day one.. They told me to replace the dual linior which I did and it cost me $280 and still no change. I like to report this on forthood in killeen TX. I would like to sign a complaint and take them to court to get my money back.. What do I have to do to make that happen? Here’s my mobil number.. (edited) my name is Harry (edited) please get a hold of me.. Can someone please helpe wit this matter..

  5. Aamco of Marlow heights, md 20748 has abuse me by not fixing the problems with my car that I believe they created. They have already sucked out $3000 from me for a rebuilt transmission and an extra $335 for labor of my struts/shocks. The car started making a very bad sound underneath and they claim that the car destroyed the shocks in one day that’s why they have no time to honor the warranty of their labor. I provided another set of struts and 7 days later, my car still sits unattended to in their parking lot. I do not see any professionalism and integrity in this shop located at Pohanka place, Temple hills, md 20748. Tel is (edited). They are up to no good and we are preparing a lawsuit against their unethical malpractices. No one should take their car to this run down money grabbing wreck of a wanna be shop. We are coming after you at AAMCo in Temple hills so get ready to be exposed

    • D. Williams Says:

      I have just paid out 4,543.06 dollars for a transmission overall and my car has not been repaired the Aamco center at 1266 Ralph avenue Brooklyn New York 11236 my car has been there for two weeks and I am still getting one explaination after another. Today I got another call for an additional charge that was not disclosed in contract ,warrantee or initial estimate. I refuse to pay the additional fee and refuse to pick up the car for I feel that it will not be safe for me and my family. Can anyone help me to resolve this problem to stop this abuse.

    • Hi J,

      I would like to know if you are intending to expose AAMCO
      Nationwide, if you are preparing this lawsuit across states?
      Reason I am asking is because I am right now in the middle
      of a dispute with one AAMCO franchise and I am intending
      to take them to court. It really bothers me the fact they have been in business fo so long stealing from customers, intimidating with their unlawful practices and still their doors are open everywhere. It seems like all of them have been trained by
      ATI (Corporate) to behave in such way to create revenues at
      the customers cost. I think if ALL OF US place a lawsuit against
      them ( PEOPLE vs AAMCO) then we may have a chance to win this over. Their practices are discusting. After all, they are
      still in business because they still find honest customers that they
      can abuse in such horrible ways. It is my Wish these crooks
      could experience the pain of having all their franchises open and
      no ONE SINGLE CUSTOMER coming in for any services.
      They should be RED-TAPED across utilizing the media, mouth
      to mouth, internet exposure, etc….
      After what I have experience with them, this is exactly what
      I am doing right now. I already reported them to the Consumers,
      next is FTC, Attorney Gral, Media….. etc….

      It is true they employ former felons/ex-cons to intimidate customers when the time arise that you speak your mind and
      disagree with their practices and ridiculous rates for “REPAIRS”
      they don’t do. I will write my story in a few for everyone here
      to know.

      I would like to know if you have an Attorney representing you
      already for legal advice related to this situation, which is
      related to many of US. We are here to help each other and
      more than anything to act as witnesses for each other against
      AAMCO’s (ATI) unlawful practices. Please let me know.

      DON”T LET THEM WIN. They believe they are above THE LAW.

    • J. Did you file a lawsuit? I’m going through the same thing with aamco in Marlow Heights, MD.

  6. We are currently researching franchisee claims against AAMCO. If you own or have owned an AAMCO franchise, please contact us to discuss your experiences. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Kelly Spann

  7. Marlow heights Aramco kept my car for a year. Told me they were looking for a part every time I called. So I was being patient with them because they gave me a good deal to repair my transmission. Almost 4000 spent. They then said after a year that the transmission was fixed and come pick up your car. When I get there my leather seats had water damage and was torn. My floor s were soaked and mildew all over the car. They left my window down for a whole year. Finally they said it wouldn’t start and that it needed batteries. I had it towed to the dealer and they said the water damage caused major electrical problems. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to fix the problem. Any advice.

  8. My trasmission had been acting up for almost 2 weeks and because of my busy schedule I wanted to wait until my vacation to take the car to the a shop unfortunately the day after my vacation began my car wouldn’t move. My transmission needed work I called a bunch of shop and got quotes from $1500 – $1800 because I would need a tow truck. I then called aamco they refused to give me a quote before examining my vehical, they said over the phone that it could be something minor which could bring the price down depending in the severity. I thought I could trust them since that sounds fairly logical. I called and got my cat towed for the examination. They call me back the next day and tell me its the transmissio. “DUH” then they say the WORK for taking the transimission out and putting it back is set at $895 plus the “typical” part would bring it up to $1795 but that it might need a change or a rod that connects the transmission to the engine which was $299 plus tax I was told over $2200 dollars. I said that’s way to much especially since they hadn’t seen the damage to the transmission yet. So I was told a flat rate of $2000 dollars. I askee what if the car needs less work? I was told they’ll let me know if the work is less. I eventually agreed to the $2000 because I also qualified for the aamco credit card. I only spoke over the phone and agreed to everything verbally but when I go pick up my car i see the receipt which was $2000 exactly I thought OK but at as I looked closer my car part only cost $684 and the ” work ‘ which was supppose to be $895 when up to $1224 dollars plus the tax it was exactly $2000. I feel stupid and ripped off in addition the day I drove away from aamco my speedometer wasn’t reading my speed properly and I all of a sudden have 4WD problems that need servicing. I am so upset and don’t know what to do please help.

  9. Can someone tell me the best way to deal with this issue. One of aamco franchisee in Columbus ga defrauded my credit card account 2400 dollars. He claimed that he provided me transmission service. I took my vehicle to other four transmission machanic place they found out that he did not even make any attempt to fix the problem. I was advice to contact him. Many times I tried to contact him he insisted that he provided me with the services I needed then I decided to take him to court. Twice he was summoned to court he never appear to defend the issue so the judgement was awarded to me. Even though the judgement was awarded to me and the court sherif officer went three times to his shop to try to get him to refund my money back to my account all effort of the sheriff officer failed. I called the credit card company and reported the issue. The credit card company said there is nothing they can do about it. I tried to garnish his wages through the court system they found out that he does not own bank account in the area where he lives or operate aamco transmission business. I reported the issue to aamco cooperate office. I spoke to someone by the name Machelle. She said I am sorry we are not in the position to help in this kind of matter. At this point I do not know the best way out of this situation. Please do anyone have any idea on how to deal with this situation I have the court judgement but not able to get back my refund. I need my money back from this aamco fraudster!

  10. I had Aamco rebuild my 2000 VW Jetta’s transmission. $2,700 and then a return to replace the shift cable for another $150. Transmission literally died less than 48 hrs after the 1 year warranty. I called Aamco corporate and they got them to replace Two of 4 sensors causing the gear & check engine light problems. It ran rough and finally died this past X-Mas – *with less than 8,000 miles put on the rebuilt trans. They won’t fix it. I got burned. Wrote my state attorney General’s office, had to buy a new car.
    Of course, I was ASSURED by Aamco that it was worth it to rebuild a german car’s trans “I’d tell you if it wasn’t” said the manager. Pure scum. I expect no action. Never again. Do NOT go to Aamco. Ever!

  11. Went to get a diagnostic for free like the commercial says but when I got there they told me it would be 125 to find out what the free codes meant. These people are scam artist.

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